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Classic Black Teas

Priceless masterpieces of the Royal Tea Collection  –  traditional blends of black tea which follow classic recipes from the royal courts of history. The best varieties of tea, hand-picked from the plantations of Ceylon, Kenya and India.
Classic Black Teas
A wonderful blend of mountain-grown Ceylon tea with a deep rich taste.
Royal Ceylon 25 сашетовRoyal Ceylon 100 сашетовRoyal Ceylon 90 граммRoyal Ceylon 180 грамм
A luxury combination of rich, robust taste and a fresh invigorating aroma.
Royal English Breakfast 25 сашетовRoyal English Breakfast 100 сашетовRoyal English Breakfast 90 граммRoyal English Breakfast 180 грамм
Kenyan mountain-grown black tea has a bright and refined taste.
Royal Kenya 25 сашетовRoyal Kenya 100 сашетовRoyal Kenya 180 грамм
Full-bodied black tea from plantations of India with a rich taste and floral aroma.
Royal Assam 180 грамм