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Fruit and Herbal Teas

The sweetness of apple and the sourness of lemon, the spice of cinnamon and the piquancy of rosemary, the tartness of bergamot and the refinement of jasmine – a luxurious palette of flavours and aromas with a hint of ripe fruits and natural herbs.

Fruit and Herbal Teas
This perfectly balanced blend of Ceylon tea with citrus notes of bergamot.
Lord Grey 25 сашетовLord Grey 100 сашетовLord Grey 90 граммLord Grey 180 грамм
The rich taste of black tea, with sweet and spicy natural rosemary and thyme.
Royal Thyme&Rosemary 25 сашетовRoyal Thyme&Rosemary 100 сашетов
An elegant composition of black tea with Kaffir lime and English mint.
King's Tea №1 25 сашетов
Classic black tea with a fragrant aroma of orange and a spicy cinnamon finish.
Royal Orange & Cinnamon 25 сашетов
An excellent fusion of aromatic black tea with a refreshing lemon flavour.
Royal Lemon 25 сашетов
Exquisite black tea with a subtle aroma of juicy peach and refreshing mint.
Royal Peach & Mint 25 сашетов
Composition of black tea with strawberry slices and a bright aroma of goji berries.
Royal Goji & Wild Strawberry 25 сашетов
Indian black tea with a unique spicy flavour.
Royal Masala Chai 25 сашетовRoyal Masala Chai 90 грамм
Rich black tea, characterised by a pleasant refreshing taste and aroma.
Royal Cardamom 25 сашетовRoyal Cardamom 90 грамм
Rich black tea unexpectedly scented with aromatic jasmine.
Royal Black Jasmine 25 сашетов
The aromatic and refreshing taste of white tea with a creamy finish.
Royal White Tea 25 сашетов
The perfect hibiscus blend is bright red in colour and has an amazing aroma.
Royal Raspberry 25 сашетов