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Skilled tea masters create
unique blends according to royal recipes.
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Чайные мастера
Tea Masters

Tea drinking as an art implies multi-level preparation at all stages of production — from the selection of tea leaves to the actual brewing of the tea. Each stage requires the knowledge, expertise, great sensitivity and unconditional talent of tea specialists. RICHARD pays great attention to the blending process. The quality of the product is constantly monitored by qualified experts. Skilled tea masters create products according to the classic recipes of the royal court, so that our customers around the world can taste refined English tea that meets world-class standards of quality.

Королевский чай
Royal Tea

The tradition of afternoon tea drinking appeared in 1840 thanks to Anne, Duchess of Bedford, and since then 5 o'clock tea has become an integral part of high society life. RICHARD strives to preserve the long history and culture of English tea traditions. The most skilled and talented experts create unique blends to present our customers with a rich palette of exquisite flavours and aromas of high quality tea.

Печать Royal Tea Masters
Royal Tea Masters Seal

We test our products at every stage under the supervision of our specialists in order to produce tea of the highest quality. The guarantee of careful selection and preservation of the best tea varieties is the Golden Seal of the royal tea masters. Each cup of Richard Royal Tea is a masterpiece of the art of tea, while tea masters are one of RICHARD'S key assets. Try all the flavours from the entire collection of Richard Royal Tea to relish a charming symphony of impeccable royal taste.


The Richard Royal Tea collection combines exquisite varieties of black, green and herbal teas. All blends are made in the traditional English style, each defined by its unique taste and exclusive aroma. Discover the world of royal quality and refined taste with RICHARD.